Joyce & Snell’s Estate

As part of the 2000-unit masterplan by HTA Design, we have conceived a 19-unit social housing block within the Joyce & Snell’s Estate for LB Enfield. The design consists of 9no. apartments and 10no. townhouses with an emphasis on convivial living, social inclusivity, and doorstep play.

The scheme looks to create a neighbourhood of high-quality sustainable homes, with inclusive and accessible spaces connecting to the wider Edmonton area. Our proposals seek to reflect the character and diversity of the locality, promoting healthy communities and a vibrant street. 

We recognise the importance of strong visual and physical connections to amenity which enhance the residents’ wellbeing and simultaneously nurture relationships between neighbours. As examples, our scheme proposes kitchen windows overlooking street play areas which would encourage outdoor play; a variety of external spaces which promote multi-generational amenity; and the activation of defensible/transitional space between the street and the front door.

The existing residents are at the heart of the vision for the new Joyce and Snell’s neighbourhood – embedding their aspirations and needs within the project is key to our housing design.

  • Date: 2021 - current
  • Location: Edmonton, Enfield, London
  • Client: LB Enfield
  • Collaborators: HTA Design